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Sue Ure Maison is where my creativity gets a chance to expand into other areas. It’s a collection of tableware, table mats and home textiles designed by me and then produced for the Sue Ure Maison brand by socially responsible companies in the UK, Europe and Sri Lanka.

Our porcelain tableware collection is slip-cast in Sri Lanka. A family firm founded 50 years ago, Midaya Ceramics now employs more than 300 people. Applying their in-depth knowledge of traditional and modern ceramic techniques, they produce ware of the highest quality and finish.

For our textiles, we work with craftspeople in Senegal and Crete. The Paris label Diama employs skilled Senagalese artisans to hand-weave our guest towels, small throws and tea towels. This collection is made using organic cotton and linen with certified ecological plant dyes and is all fair trade.

Our Iraklio design tea towels are woven for us in Crete by Yfantourgia Kritis, a family-owned workshop run by Katerina who has succeeded her parents in the business and says she has a love of her textile heritage hard-wired into her!

Lincolnshire in the UK is where Orchard Melamine produces our stylish melamine table mats and coasters. They are specialists in working with independent designers and are committed to delivering products with the highest quality materials and manufacturing processes.


Beautiful, useful and ethically made, Sue Ure Maison products will last for years to come.

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